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SDET / Software Development Engineer in Test (QA)

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At YETI, you will have the opportunity to create something extraordinary.  You will make a real impact because you are the type of person who thrives on cutting a sustainable path.

As the SDET you will be part of an engineering team which oversees the development and implementation of YETI’s manufacturing and production control systems. To succeed, you have the ability to build a QA framework from scratch, and you possess a good balance of client-side and server-side QA experience. You will be asked to work on multiple mission critical control applications that will be used every day on the production line to run our custom-built Lasers and Quality Control stations.

This is an extremely rare and unique opportunity to join a highly profitable, fast growing business with a fun and agile startup culture.

A look at your day-to-day

We are looking for someone who loves to find bugs and to automate anything and everything.  If your goal is to go to sleep at night, knowing that your code is also helping the whole team sleep at night... then please apply! We want you to be a strong developer, and comfortable building large amounts of code. There are no off-the-shelf packages for much of what we need to QA, so you will get to build it.

  • Our needs at YETI are diverse. We build and deploy software on varying platforms including but not limited to: JavaScript/NodeJS, C#, Ruby, Python, Linux, Windows.
  • Our most complex and current pain point is a modern .NET code base, and we need to build a simulator/test harness to test it. You would work very closely with the dev team to architect it and then build this.
  • YETI Custom Drinkware has its own web site which needs to be tested as well. Test tools such as Nightwatch or rspec+capybara are preferred. While not as currently pressing as the .NET code base, it's still highly important.
  • In addition to these QA responsibilities, we have a great deal of build automation and DevOps to do. This role would certainly be able to work in that direction as well, which we think would keep the job very interesting!
  • In the 6 mo - 1 yr horizon, we plan to migrate critical, internal tools that are core to the business -- this is not a static environment, and new challenges are coming later.
  • You are a part of the team. You are not someone who gets told what to do when everyone else said 'it's done' and you are then left holding the bag and under pressure.  You will be part of design discussions, and otherwise fully be in the loop here.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Development of test plans and test automation that support the validation of our software services and integrations to corporate ERP and inventory systems.
  • Integration and System testing of applications before deployment
  • Support deployments and production debugging
  • Work closely with multi-functional team leads in the design and development of new applications

Now for a little bit about you….

  • 4+ years in software application testing experience
  • BS in Computer Science or related subject or equivalent experience working in software development quality assurance
  • Experience with C# and the .NET platform
  • Experience with JavaScript / ES6 development with React and NodeJS
  • Experience with Nightwatch or similar automated testing frameworks
  • Strong testing habits and an exacting attention to detail
  • You have diverse experience, i.e. can work across more than one area.
  • You understand startup environments, agile development, and how to balance the need to maintain operations versus build things the right way.
  • Some experience with client-side application testing is seen as a positive (WPF, ReactJS)
  • Experience with Git/GitHub and the Git Flow process
  • Strong problem-solving ability and a positive attitude
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills

Now let us answer some questions

Will I conduct manual QA? 

There’s no hard and fast rule here. Would it be useful to do a quick manual QA of a feature that can't be automated? Yes, at times it would be, as it is almost anywhere. 

Do you have to know .NET? 

No. These days, polyglots are the rule, not the exception, so we understand that a smart coder can come up to speed quickly. But of course it’s a plus if you already know .NET.

Is there a quiz? 

We don't like to spring gotcha/trick questions in sit down interviews. Rather, we have a short take-home assignment before the in-house interview which gives us something to review and discuss.

 YETI is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.