The core mission of a Cloud Systems Developer Leader is to drive projects from a technical perspective, leading by example and playing a key role in the technical decision-making process that will run throughout a project. The Cloud Systems Developer Leader exemplifies technical expertise and best practice, and is able to lead the delivery team from design through delivery and to handover.

Skills and Traits:

  • Either AWS Associate Cert or Azure equivalent
  • Either AWS Pro Cert or Azure equivalent
  • At least an undergraduate degree in a STEM subject, or equivalent experience
  • Systems administration skills, including automation and orchestration (Linux/Windows)
  • Software development in Python, Ruby, Go or any other modern language
  • Passion and enthusiasm for technology and its adoption
  • Ability to lead decision-making and provide expert advice on technical matters
  • Confident and able to take responsibility for the technical output of a project

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the delivery of projects from a technical perspective
  • Being a subject matter expert, able to steer colleagues and clients on technical issues
  • Solving problems with automation, and creating bespoke tooling when no solution yet exists
  • Selecting appropriate technologies and their best use according to project requirements
  • Ensuring smooth handover of project deliverables to peers and customer teams
  • Facilitating the technical development of team members
  • Creating and driving internal projects such as tooling, blogs and/or documentation