This is an exciting opportunity for a Quality Assurance Engineer to join a growing Fin-Tech firm. Come in and immediately have an impact on existing and new projects. 

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Demonstrates passion about establishing exceptional quality standards. You're the type that always feels they can do things better the next time around. You consistently look for better, faster, and more inclusive ways to prove that our software quality meets the mark.
  • Software Engineer by training, quality practitioner by trade. You really enjoy applying your software engineering practices in meaningful ways to continue pushing the quality bar forward.
  • Understands how to strike the balance between manual and automated testing. You understand that your time is valuable and prioritize your automation efforts towards the highest risk, most repeatable, and highest value test cases.
  • Values the power of the team. You enjoy working with an integrated team through problem identification, requirements gathering, design, code review, testing, and release.
  • Thinks holistically. You work hard to understand the whole problem and aren't afraid to ask questions or point out concerns.

What you’ll do all day:

  • Work embedded in a software development team that is focused on rapidly delivering working software.
  • Test web services through the use of manual exploratory testing and building automated test suites to ensure it meets the use cases and requirements.
  • Build test plans and risk assessments.
  • Build advanced tools for test automation.
  • Help identify weaknesses in our products by actively participating in all phases of the development process.
  • Build and contribute to a culture of quality by improving processes, building stakeholder buy in, and mentoring peers.

A few reasons why you might love working here:

  • We’re not a fly by night firm. We’ve got an incredible track record to foster success and ongoing innovation with our customers so you get all the benefits of a stable company, while enjoying a very entrepreneurial culture. 
  • Our team is passionate and driven to succeed.  We are deeply invested in providing quality services and products for our customers. Their success is our success.
  • You’re open to change. The landscape is ever-changing. We do not sit idle; we are not satisfied with status quo. We will push industry standards and strive to deliver world class solutions through innovation.
  • You’ll have genuine opportunities for growth. We care about your career goals and provide options for both managerial and technical career paths. We encourage outside learning from conferences to seminars and meetup groups.

And a few reasons why you may not love us:

  • You do not like being challenged. Each day may present something new and unknown, something exciting.  If you like a singular focus and do not like to face a new challenge, this is not a job for you.
  • You don’t like change. This is not a job for someone who likes ‘predictable’.  Our customer’s needs are dynamic and can change rapidly, which means the work is dynamic. It’s a fast-paced environment and you need to adapt accordingly. You won’t be bored.
  • You’re not the collaborative type. We’re solving pretty heady challenges. We bring ideas to the table and we work together to solve these challenges. If you’re looking to hide out and do your own thing, this might not be the right spot. 

The skills you’ll need to succeed:

  • 3+ years of Software Testing experience
  • Passion for improving software quality
  • Experience with testing or developing web services
  • Proven and demonstrable skill in Python, Groovy, or Java
  • Experience working with black-box and white-box testing methodologies
  • Advanced problem-solving, debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Strong software design debugging and testing skills
  • Familiar with running/testing software in *nix environments