Software engineer - Production tools

The production tools squad helps customers and Algolia engineers to find and fix issues of our production systems. For this, we develop both internal and external tools. You’ll be responsible of developing and maintaining those tools. You will also work with a wide range of profiles in the company: Software engineers, SREs, Solution engineers, etc.
Not two problems are the same because all the systems evolve all the time. We expect you to be a resilient problem solver who isn’t afraid to think outside of the box and use the knowledge of system interactions in your favor. You’ll also take ownership of complete projects and execute them.
The team is composed of engineers with different backgrounds and experience both in the industry and academia. Diversity matters to us and you should increase it by bringing your experience, your knowledge and your point of view. Thinking differently is a plus, not a minus. We’re transparent with each other and to other teams both about our success and our failures. This way we learn, we accept our weaknesses and continuously strive to improve both personally and professionally.


  • Develop and maintain internal & customer facing tools
  • Participate in design of new systems
  • Work with other teams to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve high impact issues

  • 4+ years of software engineering experience
  • Experience with multiple programming languages (any of Go, Scala, Java would be a plus)
  • Rigor in high code quality, automated testing, and other engineering best practices
  • Ability to make independent decisions and taking ownership for them
  • Full professional English proficiency
  • EU work permit

  • Knowledge of cloud platforms such AWS / GCP / Azure
  • Ability to use a configuration management tool like Ansible, Puppet or Chef
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