Algolia is looking for a Developer to join its DX team in Paris. We are looking for someone with the technical proficiency, and creativity, to help build a great Developer eXperience. What is great DX? Online documentation that is clean, fast, precise, and easy to read and navigate.
You will be a full-stack software engineer who will build and optimize Algolia's API Documentation website. 
=> For the coding, you will be in charge of developing and maintaining the production website, working closely with technical writers and UI/UX designers.
=> For the content, you will be researching and diving into Algolia's API, updating and adding new tutorials and code samples. Your tutorials and code will play a key role in teaching other developers how to use Algolia's API and software libraries.
We are building a skilled team of engineers who love to code and want to educate. Algolia relies in great part on its engineers to write technical content. This will not change, but as we grow and diversify our software and client-base, we need more developers helping on that front. So we are expanding the DX team.
It's the right time to get into Algolia, a fast-growing company. The Algolia API and open source projects are used by 4000+ customers and 10,000+ developers, designers, and product builders.
If you have a passion for coding, and you want to create good web content - join us and help make documentation as much a part of the Algolia experience as software.


  • Build and optimize the company's online API documentation website
  • Create technical content (demos, tutorials, code samples, ...) and "getting started" utilities that show developers how to use Algolia and how to get the most out of their Algolia implementations
  • Develop and maintain web analytics, and engage in user testing

  • 2 years minimum developer experience
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Good knowledge of at least 1 script language (php, python, ruby)
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (English)
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • French or EU permit

  • Experience with one of the following frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, Symfony)
  • Experience writing content for developers
  • Experience with maintaining production websites
  • Experience with static website generation