We’re on a mission to make Algolia a data-driven organization, and we’re looking for a Data Engineer to join our Internal Data Squad to help us get there. We need you to build reliable and scalable data pipelines that extract raw data from our internal platforms or 3rd party APIs and store/aggregate/display it appropriately for analysis. This squad aims at helping other teams make better decisions by providing relevant data while ensuring its integrity and its consistency. This team has significant impact as we work closely with business analysts on our Operations, Marketing, Product and Infrastructure teams to help them discover meaningful trends.
On a daily-basis, you will work on:
- Developing data extractors and ETL workflows with Ruby and Sidekiq
- Building UIs using up-to-date JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue...
- Maintaining AWS Redshift as our data warehouse
- Using Looker for reports, dashboards and visualizations
- Integrating Slack for notifications, alerts and bots
- Managing logs and errors with PaperTrail and Sentry
With Algolia’s rapid growth, there will be many data-related challenges that will need to be tackled!
Are you ready for the challenge?


  • Build, enrich and maintain our data pipelines and admin tools
  • Work with engineers and business analysts to capture and model data
  • Setup reports and dashboards to improve company productivity
  • Monitor data integrity and growth
  • Ensure every product is released with a data-driven approach

  • Master’s Degree in Information Technology or related
  • Practical knowledge of Ruby/Python and Javascript
  • Experience writing complex SQL queries

  • Experience using and managing AWS Redshift or Google Big Query
  • Experience modeling a data warehouse
  • Experience building a data pipeline