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Data Engineer

Algolia is seeking a Data Engineer with deep understanding of data usage and lifecycles across a SaaS-based organization. We are looking for someone to define and structure the data layer, used by our various business teams and business applications, in a way that enables the wide variety of downstream reporting required (from real-time, to daily/weekly/monthly summaries).
The person in this role will be responsible for the design and implementation of the data layer that extracts raw data from our internal platforms and stores/summarizes/presents it appropriately for analysis across multiple business teams for both tactical and strategic initiatives. The individual will work closely with other members of our Operations & Intelligence teams, as well as the Infrastructure team.
The individual will act as a subject matter expert for the data architecture, frameworks, tools/technologies suite, and data analytics needed to deliver timely, relevant, and actionable business analytics.


  • Architect, build and maintain the data models that provide intuitive analytics to your business teams and applications.
  • Organize, and mine massive data sets of both structured and unstructured data by implementing appropriate infrastructure tools and systems to house data for reporting and analytics purposes.
  • Work across multiple teams in high visibility roles and own the solution end-to-end.
  • Requirements

  • Master’s Degree in Information Technology, or related
  • 3+ years working in Big Data and related technologies
  • Practical knowledge of Ruby or Python
  • Experience writing complex SQL queries
  • Desire to explore data in an unstructured environment and discover meaningful trends
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