At Alation, we help curious people make rational decisions. Today when we have questions, we turn to applications for answers. Google can tell you how old Morgan Freeman is; Yelp can tell you where the best ramen spot is; and LinkedIn can point you to a new opportunity. In the same way, Alation helps people find the data they need, understand it, and use it more effectively. We help analysts, business leaders, data scientists, and product managers satisfy their curiosity and make smarter decisions.
We are in a new insights-driven world, and our customers look to us to help them foster data-driven cultures. Our sales directors play a strategic role in this process, drawing insights from our clients and shaping the direction of the company. Innovative brands like American Express, eBay, SurveyMonkey, Square and PepsiCo have all made Alation core to their data efforts. And, nearly every enterprise in the world would benefit from the simple, yet transformative value of Alation.
We are looking for smart, technical people who understand how Alation can be leveraged to solve our clients’ problems. We expect our Sales Engineers to roll up their sleeves and work with our clients, side-by-side, to tackle problems that, if solved, may generate exponential returns on investment.  At Alation, our Sales Engineers take a consultative approach to selling and managing pre-sales engagements-- and continually look for ways to improve solutions for our customers.

Life at Alation

  • Fast and fulfilling. We get excited about our work and move the ball forward.
  • Aggressive yet fair goals. You will feel challenged and rewarded for meeting those challenges head on.
  • Constantly improving. We experiment on our ideas and hone them into best practices.
  • Working as a team. Marketing and sales are in sync and working towards the same goals.
  • People first. Intelligence and humility are prized.
  • What You'll Be Doing

  • Meet with prospective customers, gather use cases and product requirements, and demonstrate capabilities of Alation platform.
  • Work alongside the sales team to provide technical and project management expertise. Lead and assist in complex RFP responses. Bring trial accounts to successful transition to paid customers.
  • Strive to increase user adoption through trainings, community building, gamification, marketing events, etc.
  • Rely on quantitative data and qualitative customer feedback to paint a picture of customer experience.
  • Constantly think about how you can improve experience of both your customers and your team
  • You Should Have

  • At least 3 years of experience in sales engineering, customer success, management consulting, or account management.
  • Impressive intellectual horsepower. Demonstrated outstanding problem solving skills, curiosity, and a desire to grow
  • High EQ. Ability to empathize with users’ and customers’ challenges, and link Alation’s value to the challenges.
  • A strong technical background, including (but not limited to!) a general understanding of data analytics ecosystem, SQL knowledge and an engineering background are both huge pluses.
  • Energy and "hacker mindset" Appetite for working in a startup environment, and excellent ability to get things done.
  • Passion for Data and Analytics - We believe in a world where informed decision-making is the norm, and we would love it if you share this vision