As a software engineer at Alation, you will be responsible for building beautiful, powerful tools for smart and demanding users. Working on our product, you'll be an advocate for those users—data scientists, analysts, data warehouse engineers, and others responsible for supporting decisions at some of the world's largest companies. You'll build fast, intuitive interfaces for exploring complex data, using insights from our data intelligence engine. And you'll work with great mentors, including our head of product who worked on Apple Siri and our VP of engineering who was a Partner Architect on Office365.
Alation is building the first data accessibility platform, designed to help large teams find, understand, and use their data. Our customers have data warehouses with hundreds of thousands of tables of data—we create a map of that data and tools to help them navigate it. We help our users find the right datasets, discover how to interpret them, and transform them into answers to important questions driving product development, strategy, marketing, and sales.
We're a small team with big customers and big dreams. We have $9m in series A funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Data Collective, and our customers include eBay, Square, and others, with thousands of employees and enormous data challenges.
Hear from our customers about why they love Alation:
Hear from our employees about why they work here:


  • Build beautiful, powerful tools in a single-page webapp with React and Django
  • Maintain a comprehensive test suite with Jasmine and Selenium
  • Design both internal and customer-facing APIs that are fast and flexible
  • Wireframe new features for working with data, and work with our design team to perfect them
  • Make smart scoping and priority decisions to ship fast, impactful code
  • Work directly with users to integrate feedback into our designs and priorities
  • Requirements

  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • Passion for building UI
  • Thoughtful and well-articulated product reasoning
  • Proficiency in JavaScript (or a commitment to get there fast)
  • Desire to dive into services code that support the front-end
  • Sample projects

  • Add real-time collaboration to our in-browser query tool
  • Integrate a notification system into our single-page app
  • Build a custom tree-grid component with collapsible rows
  • Develop a framework for managing transition animations
  • Create a websocket server to push real-time updates to the browser
  • You'll be a great fit if you're...

  • Curious - Are energized by learning new techniques and tools
  • A clear thinker - Can weigh tradeoffs, communicate complex ideas, and have precision about what you know and don't know
  • A fast learner - Can integrate and apply new concepts quickly
  • An owner - Take pride in your work and responsibility for getting the details right, even when no one's looking
  • If you resonate with our mission, want to work on challenging problems, to have fun, and to create a product with a broad and positive impact, come join us.