Data Analyst

As an analyst at Alation, you'll mine insights from our data—and communicate them compellingly—to optimize our operations, our product, and our impact.
Alation exists to help organizations make decisions based on data. Our customers range from eBay to Square to GE to Pfizer and collectively they have many petabytes of data. We help their employees find and understand relevant and trustworthy data sets, so they can tease out the signal amid the noise and do the right thing. Now, it's time to practice what we've been preaching, by launching our own internal analytics team to bring further quantification and scientific rigor to all our processes. In addition to executing particular analytics projects, you'll establish a data culture and practice throughout the company and set a tone and trend for the analytics team as it grows.


  • incredible curiosity: you ask "why?" about everything and find yourself up late answering the Nth follow-up question
  • pioneering spirit: you're excited to be the first full-time, dedicated data-person in a company full of data nerds
  • strong SQL, stats, and spreadsheet skills: you don't have to Google 'inner join', covariance, or COUNTA()—but you might anyway to learn some nuances—see "curiosity", above
  • data ambassador: you can take complicated concepts and explain them clearly to an intelligent but less technical audience, bridging business and technology. Your friends tell you, "now I get it!" after you've explained geeky concepts to them
  • truth-seeker: you think is hilarious (and a bit sad). When you read science-news (as you often do) you find yourself coming up with confounds and alternative interpretations and hypotheses. You're always inventing experiments in your head (and sometimes even carrying them out)
  • inclination toward impact: you love research but get even more excited when you can turn insight into action
  • Bonus points for:

  • BI know-how (especially with Tableau)
  • coding/scripting experience
  • R or NumPy skills
  • data science background (and Kaggle achievements)
  • basic business knowledge
  • Sample projects

  • mining our usage logs to figure out which behaviors and experiences predict users' future satisfaction and engagement/churn (so we can improve the product and better train our Customer Success Managers)
  • clustering our users into buckets/personas (so we can better tailor how we serve them in-app and through support)
  • analyzing the results of our employee culture and satisfaction surveys to see whether any demographic traits are correlated with a significantly different experience (so we can make our workplace as fair and equitable as possible)
  • optimizing how we spend time and money on marketing, customer site-visits, etc. based on past and predicted return-on-investment
  • building out reports and executive dashboards for vital metrics, and collaborating with engineering and marketing to instrument our product and our site for deeper investigations in the future
  • just to name a few…
  • <h3>About Alation</h3>
    Our mission is to make the world a more curious and rational place. In service of that goal, we created the first "<a href="">data catalog</a>"—an index and interface which makes finding relevant, trustworthy data sets as easy as finding the perfect product on Amazon. We do this using a mixture of user-centered design and advanced machine learning and AI algorithms. Today, our product is used by thousands of data analysts like you across hundreds of customers in the Global 2000, and industry experts agree our data catalog continues to set the standard.
    <b>Learn why...</b>
    ...our customers love using Alation, by watching <a href="">this short video</a>
    …our employees work here by watching <a href="">this one</a>
    If our mission resonates with you, and you want to solve meaningful problems, have fun, and help build a company with a broad and positive impact, come join us.
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