At AKQA, we believe in the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products and services. With an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, we design adaptive digital services and applications that capture the imagination, delivering impressive returns for our clients.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will deliver best practices in software engineering, technical delivery, deployment and testing. You will contribute to the entire SDLC pipeline for development, test and production of scalable, Cloud-based digital experiences for some of Australia’s most visited websites. With a deep understanding of software engineering principles, deployment pipelines, infrastructure, security and Cloud platforms, you will promote an environment of problem-solving, knowledge-sharing and enthusiastic teamwork.

Located in Melbourne, as part of AKQA, you will work in a meritocratic culture, surrounded by some of the brightest minds in their fields. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow within a creative and technically advanced team, and have access to ongoing personal and professional development. At AKQA, we are committed to your career growth, as well as to your work/life balance.


  • Ability to identify, document and implement systems development best practices to drive efficiency and improvement across multiple teams.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the web: protocols, web architectures, infrastructure, web servers (IIS), proxies, load balancing, high availability, etc.
  • Strong understanding of modern patterns and practices: unit testing, inversion of control, repository, MVC, etc.
  • Strong understanding of deployment pipelines including continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Experience with Azure and AWS.
  • Experience with automated testing frameworks and methodologies, enabling you to support the QA team with appropriate testing processes, frameworks and toolsets.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • 3 to 5 years’ experience, including 1 to 2 years’ experience working with one or more CMS packages.


  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and production diagnostic skills.
  • A highly motivated and collaborative approach to your work.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.