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Principal Web Developer

At AKQA, we believe in the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products and services. With an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, we design adaptive digital services and applications that capture the imagination, delivering impressive returns for our clients.

As a Principal Web Developer, you will trailblaze new and innovative solutions using the latest browser-supported technologies to meet client needs. You will build websites and apps using web and industry best practices. You will provide accessible solutions, whatever the device or input method, and be able to architect and scope complex projects.

You will lead a team of highly skilled people, each with strong opinions about various technologies, frameworks and approaches to delivery. You will communicate your ideas to your colleagues effectively, and articulate them to clients and other internal stakeholders. You will thrive when faced with new challenges and constantly seek to improve client deliverables.

Located in Farringdon, London, as part of the AKQA team, you will work in an environment that fosters a dynamic and meritocratic culture, surrounded by some of the brightest minds in their fields.

Role Requirements

  • Exceptional knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, and web standards.
  • Experience of using object-oriented programming principles that apply to JavaScript.
  • Experience of JavaScript design patterns, including the Model-View-Controller and Observer patterns.
  • Able to produce JavaScript unit tests, with a strong understanding of BDD/TDD.
  • Experience of building websites using best practice techniques such as mobile-first, responsive design and progressive enhancement.
  • Experience of working with Continuous Integration servers.
  • Experience of graphic rendering using the HTML5 Canvas API.
  • Experience of modern JS frameworks, e.g. React, NodeJS and Git (GitHub link a plus).

 Qualities and Characteristics

  • Practical problem-solver who explores both innovative and pragmatic solutions, depending on the challenge.
  • Personable, and with excellent presentation skills.
  • Committed to a collaborative ‘one team’ approach of both client and AKQA.
  • Experience of leading a development team to produce complex websites/apps.
  • Exceptional client liaison skills, able to provide a thorough rationale for each solution.
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