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Sr. Android Developer

San Diego
Aira is looking for a rockstar to lead Android research and development. You will be part of the Engineering team responsible in developing and maintaining our Android smartapp and wearable glasses. Since we will be delivering a complete rooted Android device, you will be tasked to lead the initial breakthrough that involves work to be done on rooting, video and audio drivers, and native development. Experience with both NDK and SDK is a must.
We have a service that connects blind customers via video-streaming smart glasses to human Agents located throughout the US and are hiring the next uniquely talented designer to join our growing team.
There are an estimated 30 million blind and low-vision people in the United States and over 300m worldwide. Innovation for these customers requires ultimate usability, creativity and forward looking solutions.
Our goal is to develop leading technology and services that help remove remaining barriers for the visually impaired, expanding their possibilities to live with greater confidence and independence.
Your goal is to convince us why you are the right person for this role.
Why Aira?
Spotlight worthy product  - From the WSJ to CNN to CNBC, we keep racking up the accolades for our award-winning technology that was built by, for and with the blind & visually impaired community. Imagine, that your product is so transformative that the industry is taking notice, larger tech partners such as Google, AT&T, AWS and more are deeply collaborating.
Talent Density - Join a proven team with diverse backgrounds who eagerly await your contributions.   We are a low-ego yet fiercely competitive and passionate group who will not shy away from a challenge and who deliver as a team.   
Passionate Customers, Marquee Financing - Aira’s solution compares the invention of the white cane and our customers are passionate fans; with strong Venture backing from marquee tech investors we have a solid financial runway to support our massive growth.


  • You will be responsible for developing new features, fixing bugs, brainstorming new ideas, ensuring accessible applications and driving key development functionalities.
  • You will be working on Android applications, wearables such as Google Glass.
  • You will work with video and audio streaming technologies, stringing technologies such as UVC and WebRTC. Given an Android device from a third party manufacturer, you will be tasked to crack the firmware and deploy our Android code.
  • Support continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and technologies and presenting these for architectural review.
  • Skills

  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • 5+ years of experience in the industry
  • Proven hands-on Software Development experience
  • Knowledge with both NDK and SDK
  • Knowledge in working with BLE, Wifi services
  • Knowledge in working with video/audio streaming technologies like WebRTC
  • Knowledge in video/audio codecs like H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9
  • C/C++ experience involving video and USB drivers
  • Worked with trace logging, and has done production support
  • Pluses

  • Worked on AWS
  • Have deployed applications to Play Store
  • Have deployed applications that are remotely managed
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