We are looking for someone passionate about automation, tooling, and frameworks to join the Developer Experience (DevX) sub team within our Platform Engineering team. This small group of engineering generalists has the mandate to enable engineers across the org to move as fast as possible, while maintaining our high quality and correctness expectations. Our customers are the engineers and data scientists within the company, and our work ranges from maintaining our CI fleet, to optimizing our build and release workflows, to more SRE flavored work providing monitoring and visibility into Affirm’s core systems.

What You'll Do

  • Engage with engineers throughout the company to learn about pain points, and work alongside a technical lead to define and prioritize solutions.
  • Support the rest of the Platform team in exposing our fast growing online and offline data infrastructure to developers in such a way that makes on-boarding new engineers pleasant and seamless.
  • Design, write and review application code.
  • Work to document and evangelize workflows across the company, for a variety of different engineering teams (mobile, bank, risk, consumer, platform, merchant, partner engineering, etc.) Develop, maintain, and extend a variety of systems, including open-source, ready-made, and in-house applications.
  • Collaborate with other Platform Engineering teams on security, reliability and automation.
  • What We Look For

  • Extensive experience building and owning tools for large engineering teams.
  • Highly skilled at developing and debugging in one or more programming languages.
  • Familiarity with Phabricator and/or Jenkins is a plus.
  • Python and Javascript development experience is a plus.
  • Experience with AWS and/or other cloud providers is a plus.
  • You prefer using, enhancing and contributing to open source solutions than building solutions from ground up.
  • Experience with (or want to learn about) operating system internals, filesystems, databases, network, concurrency frameworks.
  • Unquenchable thirst for learning new things.
  • You obsess about keeping costs low while building your products.
  • Equal enthusiasm for command-line-based and IDE-based workflows.
    At Affirm we are using technology to re-imagine and re-build core parts of financial infrastructure to enable friendlier and more transparent financial products and services that improve lives.
    We believe the financial industry is fundamentally broken. Not only is the core infrastructure built with technology from the 1970s, but there are a dwindling number of people who say "I trust my bank to look out for me". It doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s our mission to fix this problem.
    We are based in San Francisco; founded by Max Levchin (founding CTO of PayPal), Jeff Kaditz (CDO DeNA/ngmoco), and Nathan Gettings (founding CTO of Palantir); and building a team of exceptionally talented people to join us on our mission.