About the Role:

AdRoll’s Attribution Team is seeking a Senior Data Science Engineer to develop a statistic multi-touch attribution pipeline designed to clearly analyze the value of a client’s various marketing channels.

This is not a project where you will inherit a sprawling legacy code base that will tie your hands. Instead you will be joining a ground floor effort driven by a team of engineers tasked with solving challenging technical and mathematical problems that are of paramount importance to the company’s future. You will be tasked with architecting, collaborating and implementing solutions to technical problems that will put you in a position to learn and grow.

Your mission will be to research, imagine, analyze, and ultimately build out methodologies for determining which marketing channels are having what effect on client purchase statistics. You will be the first data scientist hired specifically for this purpose, and thereby we are counting on you to design our approach to the unique problems at hand. You will do extensive research of existing methodologies and various practices employed by others in order to understand some of the inherent wider problems in this particular problem set. You will work with our extensive internal analytical toolset to vet various theories. You will collaborate with our broader data science team and actively seek their consultation as you hone your strategies. If you are an experienced data scientist with an in depth knowledge of statistics, then you will be a great fit for this position.

At AdRoll Engineering, we value the freedom and autonomy we give to our employees and urge everyone to use a multitude of different technologies based on their interests. In this position, you have the chance to create, build, and own complex modeling pipelines.


  • Research key concepts around statistical multi-touch attribution
  • Work actively with existing datasci team members to understand their tech stack and toolset, and craft your own solutions
  • Validate hypotheses through rigorous analysis and testing
  • Work alongside our senior backend engineering team to realize your approaches in our production environment
  • Mentor, teach, hire, and share your knowledge to make our datasci and engineering teams stronger


  • MS in Statistics
  • 5+ years working in datasci/analytics
  • Experience with big data processing pipelines
  • Familiarity or interest in Python, Docker, and AWS

Bonus Points:

  • Experience in the adtech industry
  • Experience building automated experiment testing pipelines


  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Remote and Work From Home friendly environment
  • Medical / Dental / Vision benefits
  • Paid time off and generous holiday schedule
  • The opportunity to win the coveted Golden Bagel award

About AdRoll Group:

In 2007 AdRoll, now AdRoll Group, was founded with the objective of helping big and small businesses turn their customer data into high-performance marketing. From this inspiration, AdRoll grew to AdRoll Group, the Growth Platform Company. Organized around world-class data and automation, the company is home to AdRoll, the E-commerce Growth Platform, and RollWorks, the B2B Growth Platform. Each division is able to leverage shared platform capabilities, BidIQ artificial intelligence, and the IntentMap, a data co-op of more than 1.2 billion digital profiles, to solve online growth and connections for over 37,000 marketers worldwide.

AdRoll Group is a privately-held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in New York, Dublin, Sydney, London, Tokyo, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. Learn more at adrollgroup.com.