6sense is the industry's leading big data-powered intelligent marketing cloud and has used modern advances in data science to finally deliver on marketing technology's promise: complete omni-channel buyer visibility, highly converting pipeline and measurable proof of ROI. 6sense works with Fortune 5000 enterprises and fast-growing B2B companies to effectively find in-market buyers, reach them and convert them – and ultimately drive revenue. 6sense customers have the critical ability to operate not simply on gut instinct and static look-alike firmographics, but on detection of active buying cycles that indicate a business need and propensity to purchase.

Role Description:

We're moving fast, have high momentum, and are releasing a new product to the masses that has been in the works with an existing customer base. Feedback is good, and customers are engaged. This product is the groundwork for all our future customer products, and a great opportunity to come into the company with strong impact on the future direction of 6sense's product.

This role is for someone who is passionate about the front end, the design systems and choices of the product, and can put him or herself into the shoes of the customer every day. We move quickly, and we expect the same from you. You will be directly involved in improving the look and feel of the product as well as strengthening our current front end design systems. If you're passionate about the latest animation libraries, design systems, frameworks, JavaScript, and latest browser capabilities, then this would be a match for you. The current product is a modern React, Django application.

- Fluent in HTML and CSS and experience with preprocessors like HAML, SASS, LESS, Jade, or Stylus
- Keep up to date on latest design systems, animation libraries, and frameworks
- Broad knowledge of JavaScript
- Understanding of modern front end frameworks (React, Redux, etc.)
- A desire to advance your learning and get involved in our broader product engineering efforts
- Excellent communication skills

No H1-B sponsorship available for this role. 3rd party recruiters will not be entertained