We are looking for a intern that is interested in mobile applications and experiencing what a software engineer career would be like.
Job Description:
-Help with the development of our game-changing iOS/Android applications
-Be a part of the team that helps develop core software framework
-Assist in building complex designs
-Working towards/obtained degree in computer science or related field
-Experience/interest in working with mobile applications
-Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS
-Having created apps in Objective-C and/or Android
-Willing to work in a small team
-If you have created any applications/designs, we would love to see them
We're a small company of 13 team members developing mobile applications that are for messaging and educational purposes! We are tight knit team with a fierce desire to present the best mobile applications on the App store. Our office is in lovely downtown Redwood City, a brief 60 second walk from the Cal Train station with a second story corner office that overlooks all of downtown. We have a fully stocked kitchen, weekly catered lunches, your personnel choice of what type of laptop you want, as well as a standing or sitting desk. We also provide Cal Train reimbursement and Gym Membership reimbursement. We're currently Pre-IPO so if you're interested in making a large impact in the short term and receiving a large Pre-IPo stock package while helping us grow to one of the largest mobile application companies in the Bay Area, we'd genuinely like to meet you!