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Senior Software Engineer

10x Genomics

While DNA sequencing technology has advanced rapidly, it’s still at a level equivalent to what assembly language was to computing, with huge advances yet to be made. 10x Genomics is creating products that will do for sequencing what C did for computing, bringing a leap in higher-order clarity and meaning to what is now very low-level information. Software is a key part of that leap. The scale and complexity of analyzing, managing, and visualizing DNA sequencing data means this is an area with no shortage of hard problems, where brilliant engineering still matters and can yield big payoffs.

We want computer scientists and engineers — not just programmers — who excel at creating elegant, practical solutions at every level from web APIs down to LLVM code optimization. We are developing performance-critical algorithms, highly parallel data analysis architectures, robust web applications, and rich user interfaces and visualizations deployed to desktop and cloud on legacy-free stacks.

If you are the kind of person who is an avid fan of technology in all fields, not just your own, and want to apply your talent alongside a diverse team of experts every day, join us at 10x Genomics.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, build, test, and ship software as described above. 
  • Work together to solve difficult architectural challenges.
Desired Skills and Background
  • 8+ years shipping software.
  • Deep Linux-based systems programming experience with an emphasis on performance and scalability with large data sets.
  • Engineering skills and instincts that are language and platform invariant, but specific experience with Go, C/C++, Node.js, and Python are pluses.
  • Previous work with desktop or mobile app platforms such as Windows, Cocoa, iOS, or Android is a bonus.
  • Strong computer science fundamentals with understanding of the performance effects of OS, compilers, filesystems, network stacks, databases, and language runtimes.
  • Demonstrated interest in the craft of software engineering in the form of open source contributions or side projects.
  • Background in biology and DNA sequencing is NOT required. Enthusiasm for a broad range of technology fields is.
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